Prepper One Tactical Edition

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Product Description

Be prepared …, was the inspiration for the development of the new Prepper One. Extreme situations hit everyone, at all times and in all places unexpectedly, this the Prepper One had to endure during rigorous testing.

Experience already gained with the popular EOD Kilo, November and Quebec models, were used in the selection of necessary materials and the development of the design, Niolox steel was the steel of choice due to its unique cutting and loading performance for the 11.8 cm long, conically ground blade.
The tang has a generous cavity of 7 x 1.5 cm, which can be used to store an array of survival materials. 3mm deep millings on the inside of the grip shells expand the storage capacity. There is sufficient space to transport the most necessary equipment. Access to the interior of the handle is enabled by a special key. This can be attached securely to the 100 cm long signal orange Paracord® lanyard.
Paracord® is characterized by its enormous breaking load (250kg) and is in survival situations the first choice. The 7 core yarns are surrounded by the 32 coat threads which may be also unwound and used individually.
The 6 mm thick blade provides massive strength, the blade is able to perform safely without mounted handles and may also be repurpose as a spear blade.
The Pohl Force Prepper One offers a new G-10 handle texturing, one that guarantees fatigue-free and safe operation even with wet hands.The included Kydex® sheath with adapter has the ability to adjust to varying positions for optimal carry and comfort.
An optional front pocket, which will be available at a later date, can be attached to the outside of the Kydex® sheath and provides the user with the ability to carry additional equipment. (In planning for Autumn / Winter 2016). Includes also a Pohl Force patch

overall length : 24,7 cm | 9.724 inch
blade length : 11,8 cm | 4.645 inch
blade thickness : 6 mm | 0.236 inch
weight : 280g (390g) | 9.876 oz. (13.756 oz.)
blade steel : Niolox
blade finish : satin finish
handle material : G-10
sheath: Kydex®